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Attention-grabbing collection of aged “friends” in this article. BTW, Muse Air’s demise wasn't bankruptcy. We had been liquidated by Southwest Airlines. And Of course, they did give us pink slips and instructed all of us to “hit the highway”. (Opposite to their denials of ever ‘laying off’ anybody….

This was my stimulation. In later yrs for Japanese Airways I did complex acceptance for many new L-1011s and the initial N-registered A300 to return to your United states of america.

Superior looking at,Sure there where lots of a lot more Airways to add..It’s pleasant to determine Not merely the names of Airways lengthy neglected,but will also names of crew members I flew with around the globe in my 38 decades.

You just understood some fool flush with Facebook hard cash could be included. I hope they track the arrest records together with the recipients ‘self esteem’. Bah!

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It absolutely was located in bad form with the Beirut Intercontinental airport. When Mr. Goodlin, and Tommy Thompson (Vp of your airline), attempted to depart they have been instructed to taxi a a particular runway that observed them dealing with a squadron of Russian mig fighters. They rotated and shut down the plane. Slick then said, “We wait for dim.” They did and took off with out clearance. They flew at ocean stage to stop radar and afterwards landed in Nicosia, Greece. Slick was resolute never to Permit any one have what was rightfully

Then again, cataloging the hundreds of failed commuter airlines could tax even the abilities of the online world.

Lots of very good historical past of the Airways For the reason that twenty’s. I have an image of me and Earl by using a DC-3 Ford. I will try out to seek out it to mail for you.

Beautiful memories of ustabees. Could possibly suggest a more full lead to and demise including Icahn’s manipulation at TWA. There so all kinds of other examples of the greed that goes on in the “hard cash cow” airline field.

February eleven, 2018 at twelve:05 pm It’s all about promoting the latest statist buzzword, although. Leftists operate circles all-around conservatives On the subject of shaping the sociopolitical lexicon. Despite the fact that, admittedly, These are aided On Full Report this endeavor by a compliant and drinking water-carrying media. I’m contemplating how absurd, naturally partisan, Leftist-crafted euphemisms, like “Dreamers,” to take a person well known illustration, finish up turning out to be the de facto terminology employed by media retailers to check with illegal aliens who will be born inside the U.

I labored for the couple of of those Airways and some others not outlined in this article! There were close to three hundred airlines immediately after “deregulation” that flew West and have become a sad chapter in airline historical past publications.

what occurred to modernair? It was I feel situated in miami and experienced a different inner route method in west germany. they operated convair 880s and 990s to the german routes a number of the woman flight attendaants were topless ps Iblieve the 880s ended up then the fastess civil jet aircraft in services

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I’d submit that, Even though there will generally exist unabashed freeloaders who may have no qualms about mooching off of Other people’ support, the vast majority of individuals show some degree of disgrace at needing to do so, and, have adequate satisfaction they eagerly seek out out fiscal independence.

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